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Today’s blog is a little something different for y’all! Recently I was approached by Wendy Dessler from Honeyfund about writing a guest blog for them and her posting for me as well! I’m always up for something new so, yes of course! I LOVE the topic that Wendy wrote about – “The Wedding that Gives Back” and I feel like it rings true to so many of my clients! Read below for some smart ideas from Wendy on how you can make your wedding less wasteful or more charitable!

The Wedding That Gives Back


People today are more socially aware. They realize the importance of recycling, repurposing, and they are not happy with anything that is wasteful. Weddings are elaborate, beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime events.


This is the celebration of love and of a new union that will change their lives forever. So how do today’s bride and groom find a balance between the extravagant wedding they dream of and an event that is socially responsible? There are ways to turn one of the most important days of your life into an event that helps and touches the lives of many.


Start A Charity Registry


Let’s face it. Planning a wedding is a lot of work. The massive number of tasks involved is overwhelming.


One of the most popular way of change your wedding from one that takes to one that gives is to start a charity registry. Plumfund, for example is a free registry where your guests can log on and make a monetary donation to the charities or causes that you have chosen.


This is an easy way to gift. The gift-giver feels good about their gift and the bride and groom do not end up with 6 toasters and a monogrammed toilet seat cover.  

Consider the Venue


When looking for a place to hold your wedding, think outside the box. There are museums, botanical gardens, and nonprofit organizations that have beautiful spaces available for your wedding or reception.


Your wedding is unique and interesting and you will have some awesome wedding photographs in your photo album.




The purchase of the flowers for a wedding is necessary and expensive. But, there are ways to make the flower purchase and save money and the impact on the planet.


Tell your florist that you want in season flowers. This means they will not have to be flown in. Consider the flowers for the decorations. Ask for the flowers to be potted. You can order the pots to be covered in the colors of your wedding. Consider your centerpiece and ask to have it made of small potted plants arranged and tiered.


At the end of the rehearsal dinner or reception, give the potted plants to the bridal party instead of gifts and favors. This dual purpose purchase saves you money.


If you are set on traditional cut flowers, consider buying them from a place like Rebloom or My Seed Needs.  Rebloom uses flowers recycled from other weddings or you can make


You get beautiful flowers at huge savings and they donate a large portion of the purchase to the charity of your choice.



Instead of pastries for dessert at the bridal showers, parties, or dinners, Serve cookies.  Cookies For Kids Cancer is an organization that supports children with cancer. The cookies are delicious and available everywhere.


Their website shows where they donate the money. Thousands of families have been helped by this organization.  


Alternatively, you can opt for some hard candy for a candy buffet at your wedding. The reason for this is that the leftovers can be easily packed and shipped to charity organizations, even in summer time.

Ask Before You Buy


Before you make a purchase, ask (or look online) to see if the company you are using donates to charity. There are many that do.


Check on the credit cards you use. Shop with retailers that donate a portion of the sale to charity, schools, or other causes. Shop online and look for companies that make charitable contributions each time they receive an order.


Use a “Working Assets” credit card. With every purchase, a donation is made to the charity you choose. gives details. If the company does not already have a program, ask them if they would consider making a charitable donation. You may be surprised by their answer!


Donate the dress


We know the wedding dress is special. However, after the big day what are the odds it will ever be used again?


Donate your wedding dress to Brides Against Breast Cancer. They will resell your dress and help a woman fighting against a number one killer of women in the world.


Ask your bridesmaids to join your effort and donate their gowns. Go to for more information.


Share your love and show you care.

About Our Guest Blogger – Wendy Dessler:

Wendy is a super-connector with who helps businesses with building their audience online for a niche specific industry. Wendy frequently writes about weddings and couples in general, as well as the newest bridesmaids trends.


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