Need a Virtual Tour of Outer Banks Wedding Venues?

Hi friends! With travel restricted right now, it means so many engaged couples who planned to make a trip to the Outer Banks this spring to tour venues won’t get that opportunity! Even when we’re not on lockdown, so many brides and grooms live far away and have to plan remotely anyway!

So to help make that a little easier, I pulled all my blog posts from over the years and grouped them by venue for easy access! That way if you’re looking at a few options, you can browse the blog posts for those locations and get a better feel for how weddings work in the space. I know you can do this on your own too, but figured I’d save you the extra step of clicking through all the years of posts!

So consider this an archive of my wedding blogs by Outer Banks wedding venue 🙂 Hope this helps those unable to visit in person, or those just wanting some ideas & inspo!

Happy Planning!

Wild Horse 4×4 Event Home

Coastal Shots Photography

Arielle & Miguel

Nik & Julie

Amie & Andrew

Kathleen & Tony

Jess & Luke

The Whalehead Club

Jen & Patrick

Francie & Matt

Kellie & Josh

Megan & Carl

Emily & Kevin

Debra & Jose

The Currituck Club

Becca & George

Ellie & Michael

Tonia & Derek

Stephanie & Justin

Madison & Michael

Randee & Ryan

Evan & Ben

Black Stallion

Ryan & Rach Photography

Chrissy & Colin

Rachael & Mark

Brittany & Dan

Lauren & Mark

Shannon & Dan

Kristina & Trent

Mikaela & John

Melissa & Bobby

Lindsey & Phillip

Pelican’s Landing

Amanda Dumochelle Photography

Heidi & James

Ella & Alex

Jody & Jonathan

Riley & Allen

Chelsea & Lincoln

Sound To Sea Beach Club

Julie Dreelin’s Beach Productions

Morgan & Jesse

Johnna & Scott

Allison & Hunter

Allison & Shawn

Pine Island Lodge

Ryan & Rach Photography

Rachel & Travis

Colleen & Pete

Heidi & Ian

Meredith & Matt

Rebecca & Ted

Bobbie & Steven

Maria & Larry

Sabrina & Chad

Amy & Jacob

Grande Ritz Palm

Coleman Shots

Meghan & Arnold

Becca & Dan

Austyn & Nathan

Chris & Chris

Kristi & Andy

Kitty Hawk Pier

Jonathan Pillow Photography

Sarah & Davis

Cait & Stacy

Chelsea & Mathias

Sarah & Pat

Jennette’s Pier

Natalie Heim Photography

Lauren & Matt

Caroline & Shawn

Jenell & Jeremy

Cori & Brett

Kate & Cullen

Catie & Nick

Lindsey & Seth

Marissa & Brian

Melissa & Travis

First Colony Inn

Matt Lusk Photography

Emily & Coleman

Jacquelyn & Kyle

Jennifer & Jim

Pirate’s Cove

Matt Lusk Photography

Natalie & Grant

Jenna & Andrew

Chelsea & Josh

Nichole & Brandon

Roanoke Island Festival Park

Coastal Shots Photography

Kirby & Ryan

Danielle & Madison

Whitney & Kurt

Hannah & Jason

Alison & Brian

Shannon & Logan

108 Budleigh

Courtney Hathaway Photography

Baxter & Anthony

Marcela & Robert

Mary Kathryn & Mark

Sanctuary Vineyards

Lundy Photography

Kelly & Kevin

Miscellaneous Event Homes

Jen & Cindy – Sunrise Cay

Annie & Mike – The Drake

Jackie & Jeremy – Paradise VI

Danielle & Damon – Atlantis

Amanda & Brandon – Hemingway House

Emily & Brad – Wish Upon a Star

Adam & Reka – Hemingway House

Katie & Mike – Beach King

Kate & Matt – Caribbean Dream

Ivy & Bill – Paradise VI

Jessica & David – Caribbean Paradise

Rachael & Craig – Casa Playa

Kim & Brian – Wish Upon a Star

Lizzy & Joe – The Crown Jewel

Katelyn & Chris – Atlantis

Liz & Dave – Summer Moon

Mallory & Will – The Dream 4×4

Caroline & Colin – Family Ties

Katie & Rollin – Atlantis

Other – Private Homes or Venues – just for inspo!

Sarah D’Ambra Photography

Katie & Brian

Erin & Jack

Kelly & Riley

Erin & Quinn

Jess & Ryan

Ally & Adam – Village Beach Club

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April 1, 2020



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Planning a destination wedding in the Outer Banks can be a little bit daunting. Grab our free guide with five tips to start your wedding planning on the right foot!